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The feeling to be as free as lost at Pinguin Island.

When you get stood up by the tomorrow you were patiently waiting for!

Do you know this feeling when every day seems to follow the same routine and there is no end in sight. Every day is the same. It is predictable. You don’t need someone who is pretending to look through a magic glass ball just to tell you things that you already know.

My tomorrow shall come…
We are always waiting for that special “tomorrow” … the day when our life will finally start. All the great things you ever dreamed off will fall into pieces once you reached this point. But it won’t.

And time shall pass and days turn into weeks,
weeks into month,
month into years,
and the years will be the sum of your life.

Our inner child and the list of wrong promises
This legendary moment will come!we tell this to our inner child that still got faith in the magic that you can find in everyday life. Those seem to be the priority points that we have to go through first. As soon as those things are in the past we could maybe start focus on the life we actually want.

My tomorrow will come, it will happen once I….

  • finish my school
  • getting trough my apprenticeship and all of my studies
  • find the right partner
  • move in a new apartment, than things will finally change!
  • saved up enough money…

You name it, you add it.
This list is endless.

We keep breaking the promises to our inner child.
The only thing you will release is how many years are already gone, waiting for that day.

I was already dead 
I could see my entire life for me like I was already dead and there wasn’t anything exciting going to happen. My life was switched on autopilot and I just drove down the path that my family and friends told me to. I choose the way that everyone expected me to go.
But deep down I was afraid that one day, no stories can be told when I am older, nothing really special I could be proud of.

Everyone else’s world
When everyone else was settling down in the small town that they have lived for years, staying within the areas where all their family and friends are, working in the job they got taught to. I decided that is not what I want. I want so much more from life than this.

I was thinking to myself this couldn’t be it. There is so much more out there. Just because we only know this little piece of life that our family and friends live this way we don’t have to stick with it.

Don’t get my wrong I love my job I was trained to but I needed to break out of this social rule that tells you how you have to live your life and what you have to do.

Break Free
When I started to break all the rules I felt finally I reached my tomorrow, that I was waiting for so long. I ended up getting myself a one way ticket to Australia. I started my Working Holiday adventure in Australia without knowing a plan or what will happen next. I just had a ticket and the feeling of my tomorrow.

To Be Free as Lost
This moment was so special to me I hardly can bring it into words. The feeling that no day is certain. Everything can happen at the end .
This feeling of unknowing and excitement is for me the best feeling I have ever experienced in my life.

Diving into a different world of …
Just imagine finding yourself in a totally different environment that you are used to.
That extraordinary moment that is challenging to you in all kinds.
A new mission to your body, to your soul and mindset.

But at the end
Forget about tomorrow, and the expectations you feel you have to meet for the people who are important in your life. I lam going to show you here on “Free as Lost” – how to live a life of traveling and share with our unique stories.

Never forget the first step out of your comfort zone is always pushing your boundaries but your inner child will go crazy if you decide to.

Once you are getting used to this uncertainly in your life you will experience to be as free as lost.

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