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Good morning wonderful people out there!

Don’t worry we are both still alive and haven’t been killed during one of our crazy adventures… yet. (Although we were pretty close to become a delicious snack for sharks when we came up with the idea to go stand up paddling to Seal Island (Western Australia) on a rainy day.
Read more about it here.)

We have been a bit more quiet than usual the last couple of weeks but you know that this can be only for one good reason. You guess it? Jackpot!

Travel Time!
The Free As Lost Team was pretty busy preparing everything for our upcoming adventure.
Behzad is right now on his way to Sweden for some art orientated adventure and later he will fly to Spain for some more solo traveling. So if you have plans to go there soon I would recommend hit to the subscribe button so you won’t miss out on great tips and inspirational stories for this destinations.

I will be going in the middle of July for some crazy girly adventure to Italy. If you imagine now “Just another blog girl talking about boring how to dress tutorials in Italy” – You are wrong!

I am not really interested in those kind of things also if I will carry some dresses with me because of the heat. If you are more focused to get to know the not so common travel destination in Italy like the “Pragser Wildsee” and “Europe Biggest Zip Line” you should definitely hit the subscribe button – yet! I am so excited for 1 week of adrenaline.

After this the Free As Lost Team will get together to discover Germany and Malaysia!

So guys now it is up to you! If you are planing to go to one of those countries we have mentioned and you are still having a big questions mark above your head – just write us your questions in the comment section below. So we can find it out for you! Sounds like a good deal for me 😉

Now have a great day and don’t forget to be as free as lost!

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