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Pinterest Picture Perfect – F**k that! We want some stories!

Real travel, real adventure kicks you straight out of your comfort zone (oh hell yeah! I have been there). You will definitely get so much out of it, that will last for a life time. It will turn you into a story teller. But how much of it do we actually see on social media? We are going to share with you some real travel stories of 3 travel girls out there that were brave enough to take part in my little project.

Pinterest – a Picture-Perfect-World

I am sure that you will find yourself browsing through Pinterest. Looking at stunning and just inspirational traveling pictures of all those travel girls all around the world. Looks like they are living the dream – everything seems literally picture-perfect. You won’t see those people struggle during their travel. They don’t know a bad hair day, they don’t sweat while climbing up a freaking mountain, they are never exhausted or tired.

Nowadays we spend way too much time trying to do everything perfect. The perfect holiday photo – a pretty girl with nicely styled hair in Italy and not to forget the dress that suits the colour of the location (of course!)

But now we wanted to see the messy side of it! The part that you won’t find normally on Pinterest. The good stuff! There will be moments that are not included in your travel itinerary. The bad thing is, too many people just try to cover up those GREAT stories and unexpected real life moments that brings life into your travel.

Now, I would like to share my story with you as well as some amazing stories from some real travel girls out there that were brave enough to share their stories with us.

My Story

tina-with-tiny-parrot02This is all I wanted … a cute and tiny parrot!

During our trip to Melbourne we stopped by at a parrot feeding station. It was an open area. You can buy some seeds to feed the parrots. YEAH! I was soo keen on doing this because from the far distance I could spot a tiny red parrot – super adorable cute – super fluff level reached!

So… I bought a plate with yummy seeds and as soon as I walked in, 3 really big white cockatoos landed straight on me. AUA!!


I could not to hold my hands up any more and their sharp paws were cutting through my skin. I to somehow expected Behzad to help me out (as any good partner would!), but of course he was too busy capturing this moment for our Picture-of-the-day-book!.


The Master of the Cockatoos!.


Joana’s Story

I was in Stockholm, celebrating my birthday, and I went to Skansen park for the Midsummer festivities.

On this day, Swedish people are dressing in white, wear birch wreaths on their heads, raise a leafy maypole and sing and dance around it. And I did the same.

While I was walking around the park with the birch wreath on my head, I approached the zoo and to my surprise, a moose came straight to me. I was so happy that I asked my friend to take a picture.


Little did I know that the moose was actually coming from my wreath! The result is in the photo.

Love this story? Check out her blog! – Yeah!


Miriam’s Story

The photo was taken during my travels in Hong Kong, when suddenly an typhoon came up.

We were lucky to find those plastic capes just in the right moment. After the storm calmed down I tried to put the wet cape back together, but it wouldn’t work. While I got upset my friend took this photo *laught*.

Love this story? Don’t miss here blog than!


Veronica’s Story 

India is indeed incredible. I was lying on the beach in Goa catching the last rays of the setting sun. Warm waves were gently touching my body. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the freedom of the moment … and suddenly someone kissed my face!
I almost jumped up holding my bikini. I thought it must have been one of the construction workers,


but it was a nice Goan dog.




after I knew it wasn’t one of the workers


Follow Veronica to read more – Here!

We had such a great time reading about other travel stories when things change a certain way you won’t expect – AT ALL!. 🙂

Now it’s time to share your imperfect travel stories with us!

Keep traveling and create those unforgettable memories! – be FreeAsLost!


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